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Oh, hey! :)) I'm Laura

So awesome to connect with you here! 

You're in the right place if you feel a calling to build wealth by helping others, traveling, doing what you love, following your passions and having more choice and freedom in your life. You're in the right place if you are health conscious and care about the sustainability of our planet. 

After falling in love with travel I decided to make it my life's goal to explore the world. I'm a curious soul who yearns to learn by immersion and seeing the world first hand. It's incredible to be in new places, eating new foods, meeting new people and being able to be of service so together we can improve the quality of life on our beautiful planet. We are stronger together.


 I went searching for a way to create more flexibility in my life utilizing the online space as a way to build a business and brand that would allow me to help & inspire others on their journey all while pursuing my passion for travel. I craved freedom outside of the confines of the 9-5 structure and knew there just had to be another way to do life that didn't mean getting paid a capped salary just to do a job to pay bills meanwhile my dreams and potential slowly suffocated with each passing day.



And it's not just about the travel. It's also about choice. Choice is how I get to live each day. Choice in where and how I get to spend my time, which sometimes means getting lots of rest and enjoying sunny days on the beach with a latte and a good book while at peace and in full joy. We've been gifted this amazing opportunity to EXIST and we get to choose what we make of it. I've become so passionate about showing people they get to choose how they give back. Thanks to the internet we CAN create wealth while pursuing our passions. We are connected and have information with a click of a button on the palm of our hands. It's mind blowing! What a time to be alive. Surely you must feel it ~ there is more to your life than just working an unfulfilling job that makes you feel stuck when in your gut you KNOW there is more available and possible for you. There is!




I've plugged into a training/education platform that provides coaching, automation and connects me to a conscious community of likeminded people from different parts of the globe. I've been building a personal brand around my lifestyle, message and passions from anywhere I go.


I've been utilizing high end affiliate marketing / direct sales operating from my cell phone and laptop from anywhere with an internet connection to generate an online stream of income. I teach conscious minded freedom seekers who desire an online income to use the same proven formula I use. You can learn more about it clicking the button below and following the next steps to register for a free webclass! 






Sandy Beach

The Freedom Business Global Collective


Melissa O Withers

Digital Marketer, Traveler,
Retired from Corporate at 29

kristie klint.jpg

Kristie & Clint

Founders of the Freedom Collective,
Travelers, 7 Figure Freedompreneurs

brooke 2.jpg

Brooke W March

Conscious parent, Mom of 2,
Multi 6 figure boss babe

Our collective is home to thousands of conscious digital entrepreneurs
who are committed to living a life by design

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