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Basic Travel Tips

If you're like me then you love adventures, exploration, and travel. So I put together a handful of travel tips here you may find useful! NUMERO 1 Download offline maps! This is a handy tip my bestie put me onto. When we go traveling sometimes our internet connection is no bueno. So it's useful to set some time beforehand to download maps of the areas you'll be exploring just in case you lose your signal. NUMERO 2 If you're traveling to foreign countries it's good to have an outlet adapter with you. Foreign outlets have different voltages and different plug shapes. Here is one I've used: Check Out This Adapter Here

NUMERO 3 Always check your documents (ID/Passport) in advance. DUDE - I once realized my Brazilian passport was expired the NIGHT BEFORE I had to fly out to Brazil! My heart sank. We had to rush to the Brazilian consulate located 2 hours away to renew the damn thing. I made my flight by a miracle. Don't do what I did. Check your shit. NUMERO 4 Check the weather. I can be a spontaneous, go with the flow type person. And I often overlook researching important things like, uh, I dunno - the DAMN WEATHER of the place I'm traveling to. I'm getting smarter at this though. And imparting this little tip unto you. NUMERO 5 If you're going on a road trip remember to bring snacks, water, a spare tire, sunglasses, jumper cables, music/podcast/entertainment, phone chargers, and GPS/Map. NUMERO 6 Memorize your emergency contact's phone number in case your phone dies or some other shit goes down. NUMERO 7 Inform your banks that you will be traveling so they don't flag your account for fraudulent activity.

NUMERO 8 Organize and plan. Make sure you know what time your flight/train/boat leaves and where your hotel/airbnb is. Put the dates and times on your phone calendar. I also find it helpful to put my boarding pass on my apple wallet where it's easy to fetch. Look on google maps in advance and become familiar with where you're going. NUMERO 9 Download apps that monitor and alert you when flight prices go down or are expected to rise. One I use is Hopper. NUMERO 10 If you're traveling solo, let at least someone you care about know where you're planning to head to. The world can be a dangerous place and it's always good to have someone out there aware that you're SAFE! NUMERO 11 If you're like me then you're gonna want to take lots of pics! So remember to charge up your camera / bring portable chargers. You can also get super corny and cliche by bringing a selfie stick! You'll thank yourself when you're like 85 and looking back at the good ol' days. If you're into vlogging or live streaming you can consider a dual stick that acts as a tripod and selfie-stick! Check Out This Dual Stick Here And that's all she wrote, folks! Big thanks to the lovely @groovyrini for sharing some of his input!

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