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4 Little Tips to Manage Anxiety

*Disclaimer: contains informal language

Anxiety - what an annoying feeling. Mind racing. Irritability. Feeling antsy and on edge. You name it. Who wants to feel like that? Well here are some tips to help you manage this undesirable but very human experience.

Tip number ONE ACCEPTANCE Allow it to be. Don't fight it. Don't push it away. Trying to fight the anxiety only adds another layer to an already uncomfortable experience. Don't let yourself get anxious about being anxious so becoming double anxious. Rather just hold space for being human. Hold space for your experience without needing to fight back. It is much easier to get through anxiety by way of accepting than by resisting. Acceptance energy is open, while resistance energy is closed. Leaving your body as an open vessel makes it easier for energy to pass through. Tip number TWO BREATHE This should be done in combination to step one. From a place of complete acceptance and surrender - BREATHE. You've probably heard this before - but seriously, BREATHE. If you are in public go into a private room where you can safely take DEEP, SLOW breaths to slow your heart rate. Consciously breathe in juicy, living air into your lungs - then exhale. It'll ease the racing heart and make room for calming energy to enter your body. Tip number THREE DETACH Decide that you're unsubscribing from the bullshit going on in your mind. Don't feed into the story of worry and fear that is playing in your head like a broken record. Become an observer of your thoughts not a participant. Realize that the mind has gotten into the habit of spinning wild stories and conjuring up exaggerated scenarios that leave you worried, afraid, irritable, antsy, bothered. You are not your mind. You don't have to let these mental dramas pass themselves as truths about your present or your future. You have the power to decide to unplug from anxiety provoking thoughts. Now, they may still run, but you - the conscious awareness, does not need follow, engage or participate in the b.s. Tip number FOUR OVERRIDE You have the ability to think of anything. Really, you do. If I were to ask you to imagine a rainbow unicorn eating peanut butter in the sky, could you close your eyes and do it? I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that YES, you can. This means you have the ability to catch yourself in the act of getting sucked into the anxiety provoking drama in your head and then OVERRIDE that shit. You can say "Oh wait. I'm dramatizing again. Let me think of how sexy Brad Pitt (or insert whatever name) is instead!" You have the power to navigate your mind to think of literally ANYTHING. So with that being said, choose to think awesome, juicy, sexy, wonderful thoughts that will trigger good feelings while overriding the damn anxiety that ain't nobody got time for. #notimeforbullshit #fuckanxiety

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