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Organic Cacao

So good I could snort lines of this... Perfect on smoothies, turns overnight oats into heaven, and nice to enjoy as a warm, chocolaty drink


Boost Confidence

Smells kinda weird but interesting. I like to use this only on special occasions: when I need a boost in self belief and self confidence. This trains my brain to associate this groovy smell with greatness


The Untethered Soul

Best book in the world. Is there anything more to do after you free your damn soul? Read this!!


Star Light Projector

If you follow me you've probably seen me vibe out to this light at some point. Creates such a groovy-funky atmosphere. PAARTYYY


Tripod Ring Light

Basic ring light that gets the job done and doesn't cost a fortune. Has 3 diff settings all in one. I have it on now as I type this!


Uke + Accesories

A Ukelele that works. You have to tune it a few times until it settles at first. You've probably seen me play this! Great place to start to learn!

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